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This is a very personal story and I am sharing it now because it’s time, and because I wonder how many of you have found peace to be an elusive thing?

Before I found HeartMath® I lived with a pain in my heart that was there day and night, every day. I was never able to feel peace, in any setting or circumstance. Peace was simply not available to me.

This thing I came to call “heart feeling” drove me to seek help beginning at age 19 and I continued to seek help at different points over many years. I saw many therapists and went through a lot of talk therapy and nothing helped.

I did a great deal of self help of every kind, from body work to energy work to yoga and meditation. Even while meditating, that pain, that sensation was always there and peace eluded me.

When I decided to train to be certified as a HeartMath® coach my practice became very regular and disciplined and with the help of my HeartMath® coaches I became very skilled at practicing the HeartMath® tools and techniques. One day while practicing a HeartMath® technique it was as if a dam broke in my heart and I began to cry and I cried for a long time. It was very powerful and when the crying stopped my heart was free and I settled into a peace I had never known.

For me this was a miracle.

Who doesn’t want peace in their heart, peace in there life? By accessing the wisdom and intelligence in our own hearts we can learn to drop into that place of true peace.

I can teach you how to do exactly this. It takes minutes a day, not hours. If you are breathing and have a heart, I can help you.