Learn to flourish and live
a life of resilience and well-being.

“Ever since I started using HeartMath® last month, I have felt much more empowered to set boundaries and express my needs in my personal life. Getting into coherence before starting potentially stressful conversations has been incredibly useful, and it has really had visible effects on the way people respond to me. Thank you so much!”

– Grant

"The HeartMath® techniques Bonnie taught me have helped me manage my stress in ways I never thought possible. Heart Focused breathing has become a reflex I apply at the first sign of stress. Heart Math is a must have tool in my personal wellness toolbox!”

Mary Lynn C.

“I am so grateful that I learned to use HeartMath®. I have found that using the breathing technique several times a day, or whenever a challenging situation comes up, gives me a calmer and more in control way to deal with whatever it is. It is very empowering to feel in control of my emotions. Bonnie is wonderful at explaining and making sure that you understand everything to get the most out of your experience!”

Karen Frye

"HeartMath® has helped me to realize I can't prevent stress in my life, but I can control my reactions to it. Bonnie has armed me with a strategic protection system for my mental and physical health.”

Sam C.

“Bonnie combines her coaching skills, knowledge, resources, humor, love and encouragement with a sense of authenticity that makes her a very unique and special person. Anyone considering hiring a life coach will benefit from a conversation with Bonnie to experience firsthand what I can’t convey in this brief recommendation.”

T. Robak Associates LLC, Executive & Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer

“Bonnie helped me move forward, despite my fear, by encouraging me to tap into something that is bigger than fear—excitement, curiosity, passion. She helped me see the big picture and create space around a problem so that insights could arise. She was deeply committed to my success, even when I was filled with self-doubt.”

- Jay G.

"In the beginning, I thought, "Why do I need a coach?” The answer: "Because my life is miserable! Bonnie has guided me to a better understanding of who I am and how to be present in my life. She has provided the tools and knowledge that helped me identify how narcissistic people were trapping me in their drama and depression. She provided the pathways for me to make better decisions and move to a more healthy and positive life. This has been an amazing and profound journey of creating a happy and purpose-filled life. Bonnie is a most wonderful, amazing person. Thank you, Bonnie!”

- Vivianne V.

“From our first conversation it was evident that Bonnie was genuine in her desire to help me create the life I envisioned for myself. Quite simply, she listens, she cares and she helps.”

- Gloria M.